A developmental municipality that is self sustainable to empower its citizens socially, economically and legislatively to ensure sustainable livelihood


 In pursuit of the vision, we will:

  • Create a democratic, responsive, effective and efficient municipality that will be able to deliver affordable quality services
  • Invest in infrastructural development
  • Create a financially viable institution by investing in local economic development
  • Promote good governance principles
  • Create a safe and a healthy environment


  • Accountability
  • We will account to the community, stakeholders, provincial and national government for the performance of the municipality to ensure sustainable quality service delivery and financial management
  • Transparency
  • Commit to openness and honesty to the community and stakeholders about every aspect of municipal operations
  • Participatory Governance
  • Encourage and create conditions for local community and stakeholders to participate and be involved in the affairs of the municipality.
  • Governance Education
  • Commit to educate and empower our communities about the issues of governance to enable them to contribute positively to their own development
  • Social responsibility
  • Encourage the local community and all stakeholders within the local municipality to act responsibly with regard to control of diseases (TB, HIV and AIDS, lifestyle diseases, etc)