Infrastructural Development






Purpose of the Office:

To develop and maintain infrastructure. To monitor and maintain Roads and Public Works services. To facilitate the maintenance and repairs of municipal vehicles and plant. To coordinate and monitor municipal planning and building control.


Functions of the Office:-

Construct and maintain roads, public works, buildings, bulk electricity & telecommunication.

To co-ordinate and monitor municipality spatial planning. Administration of land. Managing infrastructural projects.

Facilitate the repairs and maintenance of municipal vehicles. Provide and facilitate towing services. Ensure that vehicles and parts at the workshop are secured.

To ensure provisioning and maintenance of municipal planning and land use management services.

Monitor & co-ordinate provision of land & housing development. Monitor & co-ordinate social facilitation services, i.e., projects.

To ensure compliance with building regulations and other legislation.


Units within this Office:


Electrical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Land Administration and Land use Management
Building Management