Reverend Tiyo Soga

 Reverend Tiyo Soga (1829 - 1871) is the first South African journalist, translator, missionary, composer of hymns and first African to be ordained into the Presbyterian Church in South Africa (1856). Revered as one of the early African intellectuals, Soga translated the Bible gospels, The Pilgrim's Progress (Uhambo Lomhambi) into Xhosa and composed the hymn "Lizalis 'idinga Lakho (Fullfil your Promise) a cry for deliverance of the oppressed from colonial rule.

He studied in Lovedale College, King WIlliam's Town and then moved to Scotland before returning back to Keiskammahoek where he established the Mgwali (Uniondale) Mission, working as an evangelist and teacher. He died at the age of 42 and his grave is geographically located in Tutura in Centane, where he was born