Local Economic Development and Planning



Purpose of the Office:

To implement economic development initiatives of the municipality in conjunction with relevant stakeholders in public sector, business sector and communities.  To create an enabling environment for employment growth and improvement of the quality of life in the locality.

Functions of the Office:-

To promote investment into the local economy through partnerships with relevant stakeholders and development finance institutions. Implementation of partnership agreements that focus inward investment into the local economy.

To improve the well-being for the rural poor through the development and implementation of rural development strategies that ensure sustainable livelihoods.

Create conditions for responsible tourism growth and development by promoting and developing the tourism sector.

To coordinate and manage enterprise development programmes across the sectors of the local economy.

To facilitate the implementation of sector support programmes in, manufacturing, retail and mining.  Explore and implement programmes in new sectors of the economy like aquaculture and the marine economy.


Units within this Office:
Sustainable Rural Development
Small, Medium & Micro Enterprises
Investment Promotion
Programmes Management Office