Budget and Treasury Office




Purpose of the Office:

To lobby financial resources and manage income, revenue and municipal debt. To render procurement and asset management services and expenditure services. To render financial planning, budgeting & revenue and debt management services. To manage the finances of the municipality.

Functions of the Office:-

To manage revenue of the Municipality, manage customer debts., implement and control credit control policies.

To manage procurement process; render financial expenditure services; render stores and asset management services.

To render financial planning & budgeting and reporting, maintain bookkeeping, suspense and reconciliation. Manage municipal investments

To exercise control over costs and assign responsibilities for key expenses. To promote goal congruence within management so as to ensure that resources are coordinated and focused in key areas.

To render financial planning, budgeting and expenditure services; Collect and manage income and revenue; Render provisioning, asset and fleet management services;

To render and manage FMS services and Risk Management Services.

Units within this Office:
Budget and Financial Reporting
Revenue and Debt Collection
Payroll and Expenditure Management

Supply Chain Management

Asset Management, Fleet and Logistics

Information and Communication Technology